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Girl úr landinu norður frá…

I’ve been slightly invisible lately, a combination of verybusynotenoughtimeintheday and a lack-of-travel-plans fugue. fugue fyo͞oɡ/ noun plural noun: fugues ..a state or period of loss of awareness of one’s identity, often coupled with flight from one’s usual environment, associated with certain forms of hysteria… I’ve spend what spare time I have combing the internet for… Continue reading Girl úr landinu norður frá…

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Paris Photo: Los Angeles. Watch the Film.

©2016 Monocle The world’s most celebrated photographic art fair, in 2013 took place for the first time at Paramount Pictures Studios in LA. The Lower East side, Brooklyn, has been transformed into a mobile Chelsea, NY gallery walk. My absolute favorite news and culture source, Monocle, sent me my weekend edition of their “round up… Continue reading Paris Photo: Los Angeles. Watch the Film.

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Photographer’s Dream

First – and of utmost importance from one photographer to another – the photos in this post are those of the incredibly talented photographer, Casey Reynolds.   That said:  I love to camp. Not structured-campsite camping but what I grew up calling “kamikaze camping.” It’s simple, just take a backpack and go. Follow trails, lose sight… Continue reading Photographer’s Dream