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Happy Thanksgiving, all! This morning I had quiet time to consider all that I am grateful for at this moment. I live a blessed existence, though, the past half-year has been filled with more downs, than ups. I have lost special people to cancer, and special people have been told cancer is their new reality, and others fight other illnesses. Loved ones have lost loved ones and each time they become heartbroken, I become heartbroken. Life seems to move at light-speed, and each time I feel like I have grabbed joy, it flutters away just as quickly as I had grabbed it.


I make time to make sure joy exists every day. This joy is what I am most grateful for. It comes in many forms, but most recently it is my family, my conversations with my sister, Spotify, all food :D, any chance to go to my workout studio, my husband laughing, seeing pictures of my nephews, and chatting up my hens (the girls 🙂 ) I am so happy to have friends, that though I may not see them often, it brings me joy knowing they are there and thinking of me. I am grateful for my friends who are so motivated to improve themselves, that they in turn, motivate me to improve myself.


This morning I woke early to put the turkey on the smoker to serve to the family I am so excited to see today. Last night I made a promise to myself to go for a walk at sunrise, after I prepared the turkey. And I did. It was cold, and beautiful and quiet, and absolutely perfect. I am so grateful I am alive to experience this crazy, sad, hectic, joyful life.



My wish for you is that today you experience joy. Happy Thanksgiving!

With Love,


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