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I am a college-educated woman. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and I am a business owner. This election has been very emotional. I found myself wanting to vote against people instead of for people. The options left so much to be desired. As the country reels from the decision made I feel obliged to make some comments in hopes that it may make the other side understand my thought process.

I am an advocate for women. I was raised as a feminist. I am pro-choice. I support gay marriage. I am scared as hell of Isis. I support our veterans. I give money to charity. I currently pay $20,000 in premiums and deductibles for our family health insurance. And we are healthy! Today I am shopping for new insurance for 2017 because our plan has been canceled for the second time in two years. 

I am a small business owner. We offer profit share and retirement accounts, and paid tuition, and paid healthcare, and bonuses and overtime and wages much higher than minimum-wage. Yet we struggle to find qualified employees that want to work and are willing to come to work on time and be motivated and enthusiastic. We live and breathe our company 24-7. The income we make pays our bills and our taxes. We currently pay over 40% of our income to the IRS. This is after we pay for insurance and benefits. We have to choose between taking a family vacation or one of us staying home so that we can keep the business operating. Leaving somewhere together means no one is around to acquire new projects or pay bills or write paychecks. We have to be woken up at all hours of the night for somebody else’s emergency. We have to present bonds on projects that sign away our home and assets until we finish the project.

I dislike politicians. Most are sleazy, easily bought and working for their own agenda even though as they campaigned they claimed to work for us, the people. I dislike liars. And the majority are liars. I dislike big business and unions paying money so a politician will make a decision in their favor. I dislike people feeling entitled instead of working for what they receive.

In this election I voted against politicians. I voted against entitlement. I voted for all the small business owners who lay sleepless in their beds at night. I voted for all the people whose health insurance premiums have doubled or tripled and their quality of care is now less than half. I voted for all the people who pay half their income in taxes, aware that their taxes provide social services and police protection and benefit our schools. I voted for all the immigrants that stood in line and waited for years to get in. I voted for our veterans who deserve and are entitled access to high-quality, state-of-the-art technological treatments at any facility desired. I voted for the older generation so they can continue to receive Social Security benefits. I voted for the working class. I voted for all the businesses who had help wanted signs in their windows during the crash of 2009 yet were unable to find people willing to work and get their hands dirty. I voted against the media who failed to acknowledge that half our population feels as I do.

I am an American. Just like you. 

We must stand together.


3 thoughts on “Rise

  1. Thank you. I’m proud of you, the way you think, and the way you write. I am so relieved that there is now a new kind of hope, and a new kind of change. I am optimistic that the next several years will see reality instead of idealism, and smiles instead of frustration. Thank you, for expressing my feelings so passionately.

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