Today the Sun Rises…



Today the Sun Rises Without You.

Dearest Ina,

You have been my Grandma for 22 years. I must thank my beloved for sharing you with me. It feels like it took years to win your heart, but I know I finally did. You cared for my beloved, after he lost his mother and your daughter.  You were the special woman in his life. You are and always will be his “person”. You two have a special bond that I am grateful to have witnessed. You were strong. You were stubborn. You were the glue. You held us all together. For that I am also grateful. My babies made you a great-grandma. And they love you so much. Thank you for witnessing their birthdays and parties and games and meets. Thank you for welcoming me into your home and your heart. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. You will be missed greatly. With a huge smile, I imagine you had quite a grand reception in the sky and some day I want to hear all about it…

With all my love,


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