Are you still here?


Are you still here?

Are those crickets I hear as background music?

I am back. It has been a while, I know. Life has a way of getting a bit out of control. Shall I say, chaotic? Fortunately the chaos was expected and perfect and amazing.

I have spent the last few months running from baseball game to gymnastics meet, to baseball game to work, to South Dakota, back to baseball and the State Cara Gymnastics meet. My Colorado family hosted a small family reunion for our East Coast family. A quick jaunt to the Black hills and Badlands made for a fun summer escape. Not much sleep has occurred. The house is a disaster. Summer projects were postponed. Yoga? Haven’t seen the studio in weeks.

Highlights of the past few weeks include having my brother and sister visit together for the first time in years. My daughter won 5th place at the State meet for her balance beam routine. My son completed his freshman year of baseball with tons of games under his belt, and even was allowed to play positions he has never played in all his years (catcher!). I watched my nephews play ball with their cousins at my home and loved every second of it. We ate at Casa Bonita! We went to a Colorado Rockies game! My son spent a week at the United States Air Force Academy Baseball camp and he loved every moment. We hosted a small fireworks show. The best part? Doing something together we have never done before. I will cherish these memories forever!


What is up next? Finally a few camping trips. We always have to postpone camping until all other events are complete.

Cheers! Have a great week!


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