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The Old Apple Tree

We moved to our home near Franktown, Colorado almost 3 years ago. This property has intrigued me since the day we moved in. It is 37 acres of farmland, hills, flats, Ponderosa pine forests and a dam with a natural spring. I realize I love the history of this area. I have done a bit of research to determine the history of our property but have not found much. I know who owned the land in the 1930’s, with help from Google Earth and the historical maps they load into their map program. I know we were less than a 1/4 mile from an old school-house. What really interests me is a very old, large apple tree we have on our property. I don’t know why this appeals so much to me, but growing up in Colorado I never saw too many fruit trees. I never thought they could grow at these elevations. Here we sit at 6800 feet above sea level and this huge, beautiful tree lives on. Based on the size of trunk, I would guess it is at least 200 years old. But who knows? Maybe it is younger. Was this tree planted? Was it the result of a careless tossing of an apple snack? The questions are so numerous. I wish I knew if this tree was planted with love. I thank that person, if so, because this tree makes me happy.

It was a gorgeous sunny day yesterday so we took a walk to enjoy the property. Here is the tree. The amazing blossoms make the air so fragrant!

Have a lovely day!


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