Call Out for Creative Travel Options

I’ve been waiting and waiting for airfare to go down for June, and while I know it will at 3 weeks out, I just can’t take that chance on this next trip. So each day I wake up, check Kayak, CheapAir, CheapOair, Southwest, JetBlue, Expedia, Orbitz, Tripadvisor, Google, Skiplagged, and on and on for the same thing: a trip to Denver in summer. I’ve gotten stuck in this routine which always ends in frustration and a couple of hours a day that I’ll never get back.

So today it hit me, I am approaching this all wrong. Because I am going to see family, I do not think of it it as I would a different kind of vacation, and I just search for the same thing over and over, but really, a vacation is exactly what this is. I’m thinking that maybe the Travel Gods are trying to tell me something…

So, the must haves include Denver for the bulk of the trip BUT I am willing to fly into any city within 6 hours from Denver and would like to fly OUT of Rapid City, South Dakota, because, you know, the Badlands and all…

If you could recommend any route from 6-hrs-out to Denver, what would it be? Roadside attractions are a plus! 😝


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