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Gluten PSA

I have no medical degree nor do I claim to be an expert in anything medical. I am, however, a sponge for knowledge. I am an expert in absorbing information and learning how to apply it best for myself, my life and my family. Sometimes what I absorb does not provide any impact, sometimes it is life-changing. It may not be a physical change, but it may be a mental or spiritual change.

I LOVE learning how nutrition, the environment and technology can impact health. I simply cannot remain quiet about a common theme that is discussed more and more often by wellness experts and medical doctors and medical researchers. This is why I am doing a Public Service Announcement for the followers of this blog, to do their own research on the impact of Gluten in their own health and the general public health status. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and grain. There is research to suggest that other proteins similar to gluten exist in rice and corn that produce similar results in the body.

I want to tell everyone I know. Gluten and wheat are possibly causing health issues in your body you are not aware of. Do you have chronic pain? Do you have digestive troubles? Do you have brain fog, or lack of mental clarity? Do you have depression? Do you have auto-immune disease? If you have not heard about gluten sensitivity, I highly recommend you take some time to learn about it. Most people think gluten issues are caused by a disease in the news recently called Celiac Disease. The truth is, a very small minority of our population actually has that particular disease, but what the population does not realize is that there are other gluten sensitivities that can cause an array of symptoms. Depending on your age, you could be experiencing these symptoms and have been for many years or even decades. What I have learned is years and years of ingesting these proteins has caused damage. Your body is telling you about the damage through the various symptoms.

Testing for and eliminating these gluten proteins, this damage can be reversed. It can happen in a matter of months! The benefits of acknowledging a sensitivity is living pain-free. No more headaches and joint pain. Mental clarity returns. Energy returns. Weight-loss can happen as a side-effect. Bowels movements become normal again.  They only way to know for sure is to get a test done via a doctor, however anyone can do a self-test simply by removing gluten (bread, pasta, grains and corn and rice). This is called an elimination diet. Remove the offending foods, wait a few weeks, check your symptoms. If you experience improvement this is great news! You can add in the offending foods, one at a time, once a week to check if symptoms return.

Here is a list of respected doctors in this area of research. Most have written books and there are countless videos, interviews, articles and podcasts highlighting their research available on the internet.

 Dr. Alessio Fasano – Center for Celiac Research & Treatment Mass General – Gluten causes auto-immune disease. Here is an interesting interview with him from 2014.

 Dr. Peter Osborne – Author of No Grain, No Pain – Gluten causes inflammation and pain. Dr. Peter Osborne Video
Interview: Lewis Howes Podcast

 Dr. Jillian Teta – Gluten, food sensitivities and poor gut health causes inflammation and disease. Huffington Post Article

Interview: Shawn Steven Podcast

 William Davis – Author of Wheat Belly – Gluten causes inflammation and weight gain. Unhealthy scientific changes (GMO) have been made to present wheat structure, as opposed to the structure of ancient types of wheat. “The food you eat is making you sick and the agencies that are providing you with guidelines on what to eat are giving dangerous advice with devastating health consequences.”

 An interesting Youtube video to watch.

 Personally, I have eliminated most gluten in my diet. I do not suspect celiac disease or anything more serious, but I do suspect I have gluten sensitivities. I was having issues with bread and pasta, among other types of food, such as dairy. I have responded well to adding back in a few of the gluten items individually to test my tolerance. This has been a process over many, many months. I feel good about the food choices I make now and how they affect me. I am conscious of what I ingest and how I feel afterwards. I also substitute other foods. This is a fun way to incorporate new foods. I spiralize zucchini for noodles. I love spaghetti squash! I use lettuce as bread for burgers and sandwiches.

Some will argue that they simply cannot give up their favorite foods. I argue that living an energetic, pain-free life tops that special gluten-food all day long….


Be Well,


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