Love… not Hate

“Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” – David Avocado Wolfe

This quote comes to me at a time in this country that I fully dislike. I can honestly say I despise presidential election years.

The mudslinging, the attacks, the hatred, the anger and the lies that come not only from the candidates but from people I admire and love.

It breaks my heart when I see a post from a “friend” on Facebook or Twitter that almost feels directed at me that causes a physical reaction in me, usually stunned anger. I know I am probably too sensitive and feel that I am being personally attacked but sometimes I cannot help myself.

We all come from different places and have different beliefs. In fact, as we change and grow these beliefs can change as well. I am proof of this. I am not the same person I was in college. My beliefs and issues important to me have shifted. And while I am proud of who I am, and in the past was not afraid to voice it, this year I have chosen to remain quieter. Usually I feel that voicing who I support will cause me to get attacked.

Remember this, regardless of who I support, I am the same person. I am still Stacy. I am not choosing my candidate simply because they are republican or democrat. I am not choosing my candidate simply because of their race or sex. And guess what? That does not make me racist or sexist. Some issues are near and dear and I am choosing the candidate who mostly fits my ideal and will vote that direction.

So that being said, I will continue to promote happiness and love. I will not tolerate any hate directed at me or those I support. I can block, hide, remove, or un-approve people and comments as fast as they can post them. Mostly, if I feel this stunned anger more than once per day, I will most likely quietly remove myself from that social media platform. Life is too short. I will watch my recorded shows so I can fast-forward through the hateful commercials. I will only watch the local news to check the weather and high school sport updates.

I wish the current landscape of hatred would end. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Just don’t force your opinions on me because it is not going to change mine.

This quote is so good and will end with it too:

“Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.” – David Avocado Wolfe

Be nice…


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