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Paris Photo: Los Angeles. Watch the Film.

IMG_0982©2016 Monocle

The world’s most celebrated photographic art fair, in 2013 took place for the first time at Paramount Pictures Studios in LA. The Lower East side, Brooklyn, has been transformed into a mobile Chelsea, NY gallery walk.

My absolute favorite news and culture source, Monocle, sent me my weekend edition of their “round up of design, fashion and quality of life” today and I (of course) was immediately captivated by their clip on Paris Photo, LA style.

I am a photographer who is a student of the school of thought that photography is an art. The magic, the slices of time or as I’ve always called them, the “moments in between” are captured by the photographer – not the camera. Most of the time, it doesn’t matter what camera I am using, I am still going to take the photograph that my eyes and my mind see. It is how I interpret the light that makes my photos, mine. Of course, the right camera is going to allow that interpretation to speak for itself but that is another post for another day.

So back to Monocle:

IMG_0986©2016 Monocle

In the post-war period, artists have no longer defined themselves simply by medium…. The camera is another tool, any artists who work with photography properly today are acting more like directors than photographers. They’re really staging scenes, staging sets, so the end work is a still image but it’s really approached more like a film. ~Douglas Fogle,Sound and Vision Curator, Paris Photo LA

This story asks the paramount question, “what to do as a dealer” or in my case, a studio owner whose annual Open Studio acts more as a fair than a gallery?

Do you “put out your greatest hits, as show of strength or curated booth. One confident vision, that pretends for a second that commercial doesn’t even come into it?”

Ah ha! That is the question I toil over annually. I have been selling my greatest hits for years, with much success, but I have another entirely different body of work that no one has ever seen. So this decision has been made, each year, based on the fact that my needs dictate commercial over exhibition and when it is over I wonder what would have happened if I had just done it. Just displayed my privately curated body of work that I feel is my true art…

Maybe I will start here. But for now, let’s go to ChelseaParisLosAngeles.

©2016 Monocle

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