I am totally crushing on my Yoga practice this week! My love for yoga increases each day I get a chance to do it. I have increased my visits to my studio from 2 to 3 a week. Shout out to CorePower Yoga! I started back in October to see if it could help with my lower back pain. I was not aware of the different ways it would help me, on top of pain relief. I have experienced changes in so many ways.

  • I am getting flexible. This is a work in progress, as my lower back seems to not want to budge much. Various poses help stretch it and I am able to modify my movement to avoid injuring myself, but I have seen improvement.

  • My balance is amazing! What a difference a few months of core work does to help you stand on one foot, on your toes, with your hands up in the air.

  • I am strong! Who knew can do the things I can do now? It took four months, but I am able to do crow! Here is a picture of a lovely lady, not me…Crow Pose

  • My lung capacity has increased, thanks to learning how to breathe properly. I practice breathing while at work, in the car, and of course, during class. The change is amazing and it allows me to release stress rather quickly.

  • My attitude towards yoga and “yogis” has changed. I was nervous and apprehensive to start yoga because I felt unable to do things these other people can do. I was afraid of judgement. I don’t like to hear people “breathe”. I was afraid everyone would stare at me. What I have learned is that this is not the case. My instructors are helpful and motivating. They assist when needed. They remind the class that everyone if different and at different levels. They remind me to modify if unable to do a pose or something hurts. No one is staring at me. They might be watching to make sure they are doing the correct thing at the correct time, but they are so focused on themselves that I feel no judgement at all. In fact, I feel a camaraderie. It took me to learn the breathing techniques to get over hearing others breathe, but once I have felt the benefit, I cannot even hear the others breathe.

  • It is one hour out of my life. I get to work on me. I can forget the outside world and let things go. I am not so quick to react to irritating situations. I am more tolerant of others.

  • I am happy. I have always been happy, but I feel happier these days….

I found this great article listing 38 ways yoga can benefit you. I recommend it!

38 Health Benefits of Yoga

Be Well and Namaste!


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