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What I Know Now…

I have learned so much from my teachers in Podcast Land. Here is a list of what I do everyday that I have learned from podcasts:
Be grateful – I wake each day grateful for my life and what I have. Some days I am just grateful for a glorious sunset. Other days I am grateful for the time to listen to a podcast. Simply said, just be grateful.
Positivity breeds positivity – Be positive. There is no gain from negativity. If you are a constant for positivity, others will begin to be positive as well.
Ask or Tell the Universe – Simply, tell the Universe what you want. Ask the Universe for help. If you practice this, you will notice that the Universe may answer. Ever notice you think of an old favorite song you have not heard in years, and it plays next on the radio? The Universe spoke 🙂
Sleep – Get a full night’s sleep every night. This time allows your body to rest, heal and metabolize. It is infinitely important to your health.
Move – Talk a walk. Stop sitting so often. Plan movement at least once a day. Better yet, move outside. Movement raises heart rate and increase cardio strength. Movement wakes the muscles. Movement burns calories. Movement stretches muscles.
Stop ingesting so much sugar – sugar is in nearly every processed food. Don’t believe me? Look at the ingredient list. Anything ending in ~ose, is a sugar. Or molasses. Or corn syrup. Did you know 4 grams of sugar equals 1 teaspoon of sugar? It is mind-boggling how much sugar goes into milk, yogurt, crackers, baked goods, canned goods, sauces, condiments, sodas, juices, and thousands of more items. Anything labeled low-fat makes up for flavor-loss by adding sugar. If you eat sugar, do so when it is in its natural state such as fruits and vegetables and honey.
Eat fat! – Fat is good for you. It is not the enemy. Fat fuels the brain. Take fat in the form of Omega 3s, to balance out the huge addition of Omega 6s from our North American diet. Eat equal amounts of monounsaturated fats (I add a spoonful of coconut oil to my coffee every day) and polyunsaturated fats (I love me an avocado with my eggs every day!).
High Dose Vitamin C – Vitamin C is a SUPER nutrient. Humans cannot make it on their own, therefore we must ingest it. Studies show megadoses can cure colds, viruses and sometimes even cancer. I have learned that if I take 3000-4000 mg (about 1 tsp daily of fine powder in my water) that I can keep colds at bay. I feel terrific and if a more serious illness takes me, dosing with higher amounts and more often, is recommended.

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