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I Did It!

I completed my Level 1 Nutrition Certification from Precision Nutrition. It has taken me five months. I am pretty proud of myself! I learned so much from this course, including energy creation and transfer, digestion, macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and supplements, and tons more. The best part of this course was the coaching instruction. I have never been a personal trainer or fitness professional, and stepping into this industry makes this coaching information so valuable.

I became interested in nutrition when my long-term health became a priority to me. I want to live a very long time. I insist on being healthy and pain-free while doing so. I see so many lifestyle-related diseases taking a strong hold on family, friends, neighbors and the general population. I see low-nutrient, chemical-filled, sugar-filled processed foods becoming the new normal and I find that very scary. I went on a mission to find how to eat better. Through this coaching program and podcasts by reputable professionals, I have learned invaluable information.

Mostly, I have learned that body and health changes don’t come from heavy exercise. What you put into your body is what makes the difference. How you fuel makes the difference. I heard a quote today that sums it up for me. “Fuel your body like a fancy sports car. You only put premium fuel into that car. You care for that car like your baby. Why would you not care for yourself in the same way?”

I cannot wait to share my knowledge with those who desire to change and want to learn more!




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