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I give you this post in keeping with the spirit of the caucuses đŸ™‚

Last week I was referred to the website I Side With. This website matches you to your candidate based on the way you answer questions. It is very thorough and most of the questions have more than just a yes or no answer. This allows you to either get more information on what the question is asking or allows you to be very specific about what your beliefs are. I completed the quiz and found my top candidates. I then referred my husband to take the quiz who took it the next day. He found it very enlightening.

The interesting thing is is that my kids wanted to take the quiz too. My daughter is 12 and my son is 14. Obviously they cannot vote but their interest in politics and the presidential election stems from conversations at home and in the media. So I let them take the quiz at separate times. At times they needed help with questions so I provided as unbiased information as I could to explain what the question was referring to. If they did not want to answer they left that question blank. The fact that we did this quiz on our own allowed us to answer truthfully and not be swayed by the people in the room with us. The interesting thing is, or maybe the not-so-interesting thing is, that each one of us got the same top candidates! I was actually surprised.

If it were up to me I would ask every voter to take a similar quiz. In my opinion, during the last presidential elections it seemed like half the population only voted for particular people based on appearances and what the media reported, not based on their understanding of the issues. Not only does this quiz allow you to fully understand what the current issues are but based on your answers it fits you with the appropriate candidate, and that may be a surprise to you.

Keep an open mind. Answer honestly. Vote.

2 thoughts on “Political Quiz

  1. Very interesting, I took the quiz and I agree that every voter should do so. Based on a review of the results: 1. Most people have no clue about traditional American values. 2. The 2016 election results could be very scary and creepy. 3. I live in the wrong state.

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