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Space Crush

I have been fascinated recently with Space. I have watched “The Martian” twice and I loved it. Not only is it realistic, it is funny and Matt Damon is so charming! I love it! Did I mention how much I love it?!

Add to that the amazing photos posted by Astronaut Scott Kelly from the International Space Station. He manages to post at least one picture a day. Most are images of our amazing planet. Since discovering his Instagram feed, I have spent hours looking at these pictures. Not only are they beautiful, it boggles my mind that we have the technology to communicate as if he was in our living room. But if you think about it he is, after-all, only 250 miles above us. This is closer than the miles who separate my sister and I! And think, he is the only person, in and out of this world (not including his fellow astronaut) that can actually capture these images.

Thank you Scott Kelly for providing this to us. You are fantastic!!!

@stationcdrkelly Scott Kelly’s Feed


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