Movies Starring Meg Ryan.

Oh, this is good!

However, I am not sure I will ever leave the house again…

I remember the day that I signed into Netflix and was presented with the genres “Emotional With Strong Female Lead” and “Cerebral Independent Romances.” I felt so understood! They get me! They really, really get me! HAHA

I realize that Netflix published this Category bible almost a year ago but somehow I missed it until today. It is indeed a Brave New World in my house.

So if you are looking for Scary British Movies from the 1970s, Visually-striking Sentimental Movies, Cerebral Scandinavian Movies, Critically-acclaimed Feel-good, Comedies from the 1980s, Gritty Tearjerkers, Irreverent Spanish-Language Comedies, Mind-bending Dramas based on a book, Movies starring Teletubbies or Understated Sci-Fi & Fantasy, you will find them here.

Please do enjoy. I know I will.


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