Today’s Crush

My crush of the week is my new Jawbone UP3.

2016-01-02 18.58.50

I bought it for myself as a New Year’s gift to replace my beloved Fitbit One. I have had my Fitbit for 2 years, but I’m tired of worrying about it. It is supposed to clip on your clothes or stay in a pocket, but I have been lucky more than once to have located after I lost it. I want a “fashionable” looking fitness bracelet. The Fitbit bracelets are too “rubbery” looking for my taste. And they are HUGE, especially for my small wrists. Beyond the look, there are so many complaints about the bracelet causing rashes.

I branched out and researched Jawbone. This one happened to be on Oprah’s favorite things list during the holidays 2015. I am glad I did. The interface is an app on my cellphone. This is fine with me because I always have my phone with me. It keeps track of steps, distance, activities, food consumed, water consumed, resting heart rate throughout the day, and best of all it tracks sleep in a very detailed manner. The sleep tracking is my favorite part. It tracks the amount of time in deep sleep, REM sleep, light sleep, awake minutes and times woke up. I can’t wait to read it every morning!

2016-01-11 16.09.20

The interface has taken some getting used to, only because it is different from the Fitbit interface. For those of you looking for the weight-loss and fitness benefit, there is also a Smart Coach on the interface. As you “like” and “dislike” suggestions from the Smart Coach, it blends well with your goals. Smart Coach also “challenges” you to step goals and various other goals daily. If you have never had a fitness tracker, I highly recommend this one.

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