My New Year

I am a bit behind. I have not even thought of my desires and goals for 2016. Well, I take it back. I have tried but cannot come up with anything specific. So I am going to put a few things down here. If it is on the internet, it is truth, right?   🙂

At least this way I can be held accountable.

  1. Floss everyday! A few years ago I resolved to floss more so I put the one-time-use flossers in my car. They rock! However, I forget sometimes. So starting today I will floss everyday.
  2. I resolve to experience pleasure everyday. If this means hugging someone, so be it. If this means listening to my new favorite song ten times, so be it. But once, everyday I will experience pleasure.
  3. I want to run(more like walk-jog) more timed 5k races.
  4. If I do more 5ks, then I hope to sign up for a 7k.
  5. Finally, I resolve to allow myself to change, edit or add more goals 🙂

Happy 2016!



PS – I am adding one more 1/5/16:  Date my husband more!!

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