My Year In Review

I started the year going back home to Colorado to see my sister and spend time with my niece and nephew. Living the ranch life was so perfect, and nothing is better than the starry Colorado night sky….

Had a great time this year (bookends) with our first season package to our local hockey team here in New Hampshire, providing my husband and I with dozens of new date nights!

Made our second journey to Scotland, spending time in the highland region of Assynt. Several Mitty List entries were made: saw the Aurora Borealis, salmon fly-fished the River Dee, a red stag encounter, saw the Acacia trees of Glen Affric, the list goes on. More on these later in my Dashboard posts.

Came home to prepare for my annual Open Studio event, having taken 10,045 photos of Scotland. I was luck enough to to have many keepers and the event was a success! Most of all, I found my missing mojo and my camera and I are slowly becoming one again.

In between, I have been lucky enough to have a great job that allows me to telecommute and gave me several trips to NYC this year, which I love.

This has been both a very difficult year and an amazing one for me. I truly feel like I am at a crossroads as it comes to a close.

There is one thing that has gotten me through this year, and it is my gift to you on this, the final day of 2015. Wiser words were never spoken.


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