My Year-End Highlight Reel

As I sit here reflecting on 2015, I am reminded how blessed I am. 2015 was good to me. Here are my highlights:

  • I turned 40! Age is just a number. I feel healthy and happy and cannot wait for my next 40 years!
  • I started my path to educating myself on nutrition. Oh the things I have learned! I cannot wait to share.
  • I started yoga. It is a peaceful and exhilarating hour of my life, a few days a week. And it is just for me.
  • I climbed the Gros Piton in St. Lucia. I was not prepared for the intensity of it. It poured rain and I was soaked with sweat but it is an amazing memory!
  • I completed 2 Color Runs and 1 timed 5k.
  • I went bass fishing with my hubby in Mexico.
  • I saw my sister! She came to my home to help while we were in Mexico.
  • My two favorite barn kittens were born in April 2015. They now reside inside with us.
  • My son played baseball with the high school, and my daughter placed in state for gymnastics!
  • Despite being so busy shuttling the kids to their practices and games and meets, we found a week in July to camp with our best friends.

Cheers and Happy New Year 2016!


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