I’m Crushin’

My crush of the week is Shawn Stevenson, creator of the Model Health Show found on iTunes and YouTube.
I feel a kinship with him because of his background. He discovered the value of nutrition and exercise when diagnosed with herniated disks and degenerative disease in his twenties. His doc basically prescribed bed rest and told him there was nothing to be done to improve his situation. After changing his lifestyle and nutrition he has improved tenfold and now inspires others to do the same. He is a remarkable person and provides valuable information to his followers.
I too was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in my lower back in my early 30’s. It was at that point that I placed value on exercise in my life. My journey with movement began then and recently I have discovered how nutrition is key to health. I am currently working on a Level 1 Nutrition Certification through Precision Nutrition. I am a work in progress and I am eager to teach what I have learned.
Head over to YouTube and Shawn’s website to check him out. I hope he becomes your crush of the week next week.

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